Pinball Summer Cassette-J Card and Cassette label design

Teenage Satan J Card design-Screen print and digital illustration
DEN-Shirt Design-Pen, Photoshop

MUGU GUYMEN T-shirt design-Pen, Photoshop

Factories "It's a Mummy!" cassette packaging-Pen, Illustrator, Photoshop

Factories "Tumbrel Action" cassette packaging-Photoshop

Factories "It's A Mummy!" J card Layout

Factories "Tumbrel Action" J card Layout

DEN "Exhausted" LP on BLVD Records-Logo design, layout, Illustration made with: pen and ink, various cheap paints, Photoshop, Illustrator, 2015

DEN T Shirt design, made with pen and ink, illustrator, pure chutzpah

Two sample pages from children's book "The Wunderful Tree" by Robert Walanka, Illustrations by Richard Plant, Illustrations colored in Photoshop, layout done in InDesign

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